Support & Maintenance

High availability, performance and investment returns of the network solution are crucial to your business. To ensure customers with a more productive and efficient network, our services offers comprehensive maintenance and operations support services, with proactive network monitoring, swift response and accurate diagnosis from our highly trained experienced personnel.

DT- Services has the expertise, tools, systems, process, and people, to plan for and meet your demanding business network needs. DT-Services offers suite of flexible and tailor-made maintenance options, from basic hardware replacement to dedicated round-the-clock high availability service. DT-Services practices strict standards and monitoring procedures to guarantee sufficient spare parts for expeditious hardware replacement. Service level agreements are included in all service packages to ensure the customers are receiving the service quality as expected. The variety of maintenance support service options comprise the following:

  • Next Business Day Dispatch (NBDD) Repair and Replacement (R&R)
  • Remote Technical Support (RTS)
  • On-site Technical Support (OTS)
  • Remote Network Management Services and Managed Security Services

Services provides tactical advantages for you on our Maintenance Support service. Benefits include:

  • The flexibility of service package from DT- services helps customer on time-to-market by avoiding recruitment and training delays associated with building internal technical teams.
  • Knowledgeable solution architects and technical staffs from our services improve your network reliability.
  • Reducing network operations costs and related expenses by accessing support, when needed, as needed, around the clock.


DT-Service provides comprehensive solution for network and system deployment. We ensure the timely and complete implementation of your network solutions to help you get to the market more quickly and maximize your competitive focus. All engineering, furnishing, and installation activities are managed by the DT-Services Program Manager. Activities include the following:

  • Program management
  • Conduct site survey and staging for network deployment project
  • Physical installation and equipment audit
  • Network, applications and security integration
  • Acceptance testing
  • Launch and operation support services

To ensure a smooth implementation of your network solutions and the success of your business strategy, DT-Services program manager is the key to achieve them. Our program managers work closely with you throughout all project phases, ensure efficient service delivery by coordinating and supervising all activities in each stage including project planning, network installation and integration, system configuration, logistics management, personnel training and physical site preparation.

Delphi Technology has over years of experience in managing both enterprise and telecommunication projects and our skills in this area are well recognized. Our Project Management philosophy is about reducing your risks through careful planning to meet contract on time, on budget and according to the highest quality standards


DT-Services assists our customers with developing detailed requirement specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve their business objectives. Our consultants produce the engineering documentation for your physical, logical, and operational infrastructures. In producing these design deliverables, they consider how the new technology will integrate into your existing hardware and software and how it will be managed going forward.

Delphi Technology has substantial expertise in the design and optimization of shared transport infrastructure and even Next Generation networks, and is proficient in both legacy and emerging networking disciplines to Multimedia applications. Key design activities under DT-Services include:

  • Network Design
  • Network and Information System Security Design
  • Operation & Business Support System (OSS/BSS) Architecture Design
  • Tools and Application Design

Training Services

DT-Services provides comprehensive knowledge transfer and training service in terms of product and operation training for our business partners and clients. Our instructors are experienced network and security specialists. Most of them actively participate in field support, consulting and solution implementation to bring real-life experience to the classroom environment.

Our customized training programs are aimed to assist customers in understanding and managing their networks. Typical contents of these training courses cover technology issues and concepts, equipment operation, implementation know-how, on-going management techniques and maintenance skills.

Planning services

Network planning is not a process of performing various tasks in separate, isolated planning disciplines and then combining the results into a single plan. Rather, it is a continuous process within each of the disciplines with significant interactions among the disciplines so that changes in one may affect plans in others.

This is particularly true today with the introduction of new technologies that tend to blur the distinctions between planning disciplines. Delphi Technology’s experience and understanding of network technologies as well as today business application requirements allows us to plan new networks and evolve existing ones, to maximize efficiency, lower the cost, and enhance your business process. Delphi Technology features-rich planning portfolio mainly includes:

Business and Network Consulting
Network Audit and Assessment
Network and Information Security Planning Services
Network and System Capacity Planning Services

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