Delphi Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004 to serve the growth of Telco/Internet service providers to large enterprise business needs for network security infrastructures and business/operation support system (BOSS) applications. With strategy to focus on building clients’ relationship as ‘the Partner’ and proven quality of work and service mind, we have been able to aggressively and continuously expand our services arenas as well as our market reach cross border.

Our ability to serve Telco/Internet service provider and large enterprise business needs ranges from implementation of hardware, software infrastructures, security to protect organization’s IT system from intrusion, service level management to monitor serviceability of the system, integrating heterogeneous IT system together using service provider Application Integration technology, helping organization to leverage customer relation management, service management and asset management.

Since our inception, we have been working with leading global IT vendors and innovators to broaden our capability and competitive advantage by leveraging these technologies towards customer’s business needs in delivering the best-of-breed solutions. We realize that product, innovation, partnership and service quality are the key factors in addressing the information technology needs of today’s business organizations. That’s why we are always committed to help our customers – considerably our “business partners” – build and manage their business efficiently and productively, thus assuring them profitability and growth. The solutions implemented have proven professionalism and expertise of our people especially for Telco/Internet service providers to large enterprises in Thailand.

Our Strategic Partner

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