Network security solution

Demand on IT security in the region has risen exponentially due to heightened concerns over data security and threats from network attacks at large enterprises such banking and finance corporations, Internet service providers. We intend to tap into the enormous potential of this market by offering our Network Security Solution to these large corporate customers in Thailand market.

The Network security Solution is a full suite of security solutions developed by our global leaders that allows enterprises to engage in business transactions safely and securely on the Internet. Delphi Technology’s solution minimizes customers’ risks by providing several layers of security measures to protect the network infrastructure from internal and external security threats and virus invasion. It also can identify potential security loopholes for corrective action.
As part of our network security initiative, we are partnering with several IT security specialists companies. Our partners’ superior security products combined with Delphi Technology’s technical skills and support network in Thailand, present tremendous benefits to our current and future customers. It also reinforces our long-standing commitment to provide customers with access to the best network security technology available in the market.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence is an innovative, flexible, cost-effective, hosted customer relationship management (CRM) solution that delivers tangible business value to companies of all shapes and sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. Customers around the globe use our partner application shorten sales cycles, market to prospects more efficiently, and automate after-sale functions to provide superior customer service.

IT Support System

Delphi Technology IT Support System helps organizations build IT systems that align with your continually changing business requirements to enable clients to compete and succeed in the internet Economy. Our specialization has been built from the very beginning of the Internet age and expanded to serve all areas of IT needs. Through innovative technologies and solid methodology, we simplify the process of achieving your business objectives – reduce costs, improve productivity, retain growth or create new business opportunities. With our highly skilled business and computer professionals, we provide the following services and solution areas:

Network Infrastructure Solution

Delphi Technology has expertise and experience to architect reliable network infrastructures for service providers to deliver broadband Internet services and large enterprises to enrich customers’ online experience.

While service providers are expanding their service offerings in a bid to grow revenue, consumers are demanding a new generation of services such as online gaming, shopping or other entertainment. Meanwhile, enterprises are putting their business online to grow revenue and reduce cost. The ability to meet these customer and technological demands are dwarfed by existing network infrastructure.

Our Network Infrastructure Solution is a next-generation network through which multimedia services that integrate telecommunications, P2P and the Internet are delivered, creating a ubiquitous service environment and laying the foundation for new growth engines.

In developing this solution, we combine our pioneer developments with the broadest range of best-in-breed applications from our partners into a total solution. Backed by our solid experience in digital infrastructures, we deliver reliable digital infrastructure to meet your business objectives.

Our Network Infrastructure Solution includes IPv6, VoIP, MPLS, VPN, security and traffic shaping technology, to create richer and secured online experience.

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